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Alaskan Adventures

Along Brandy Creek

The Polkton Farmer

Bill Akins Diary

Bill Akins Diary  [Roseville (Dennison) 1855 –1857]


A neighboring town

Coopersville Farm Museum

The Farm Museum in Coopersville

Crockery Creek Bridge

Crockery Creek Bridge (1905 - 1908)

Dennison (At the Crossroads)

Historical Dennison

Dennison Story Tellers

Story Tellers from Dennison



Fine Art

Fine Art by Jim Fitzpatrick

First Autos in Nunica

First Autos in Nunica and Crockery Township

Front Porch Pickin’

Front Porch Pickin’

Golden Reunion 2002

The 2002 Golden Reunion

Hanchett / Lawrence / South Evergreen

Hanchett / Lawrence / South Evergreen Reunion

Lizzie’s Letters

Grandma Elizabeth’s Letters

Mrs. Pennoyer’s Story

Aletta (Teeple) Pennoyer’s Story

Nunica’s Camelback Bridge

Nunica’s Camelback Bridge

Nunica Photos

Historical Photos of Nunica


Weekend Projects with Roman

Signs of Nunica

Nunica Signs

Sir Felski’s Travels

Sir Felski’s Travels

South Evergreen Schoolhouse

South Evergreen Schoolhouse

Uncle Charles fought at Gettysburg

Charles Baldus fought in the Civil War

Uncle Martin’s First Trial

Martin C. Golden’s First Trial

Uncle Ted fought in the War

Uncle Ted fought in World War II


Home Videos

Who Shot Uncle Martin?

Martin C. Golden

1907 Nunica Tragedy

1907 Nunica Tradegy

1916 Lightening Storm

1916 Nunica Lightening Storm